Usefull Places to seek help and Advice

Help and Advice – From Other Koi Hobbiests

Below are a list of some of the best places I personally have found to offer friendly, usefull and informative advise. I cannot say that they are going to be able to help every one, however they have certainly helped me, and I of course have helped others. Dont ever just take one persons word for a a problem, at least wait for more that one comment (Facebook groups). Every one has an opinion and not all of them are going to be right or valid.


The British Koi-Keepers Society
BKKSBKKS Members Discussion (Facebook) –


Mankysanke –

Extreme Koi Forum –

CEFAS – Fish Health Publications.

Facebook Groups :

A Passion for Koi Facebook Group

A Pasion for Koi –


UK Koi Keepers Facebook Group
UK Koi Keepers –

Friendly Koi Keepers
Friendly Koi Keepers –

Koi Talk (Official)
Koi Talk (Official) –

Healthy Koi Pond SOS
 Healthy Koi Pond SOS –

 Three Counties Koi, Pondfish Health & Rescue
Three Counties Koi, Pondfish Health & Rescue  –




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