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Welcome to Mykoionline.com, The simplistic idea of this site is to produce a system that fellow Koi keepers can store details about their Living Jewels, ponds, water chemistry, medical records and Pond treatment details (Koi and Pond Information App). – If you dont have a login yet – Register here

Purchase Record

Store photos and details size, cost etc when you purchase a Koi
When you check a Koi over you can enter a size record, entering size, weight and any notes and photos, this allows you to see how your koi has grown and changed over time.

Medical Record

Its part of the hobby that as some point a koi may become ill or damaged, so you can  store information about the treatment that you have applied to the koi, photos and store information on what you need to do next.

Pond record

Keep forgetting how much water your Pond /s hold – store the information so its always on hand

Pond treatments

When you treat the entire pond, store all the information so that you can always look back and see when you applied a treatment, what you used, what it cost before and after photos and of course any notes.

Water Chemistry

Store all the values from PH to PO4 the list is quite exhaustive, once you have a few records Graphs are produced automatically showing you the trend of the values.

Koi and Pond Information App

Currently the costs for hosting the app, and system are paid for by myself, and thus membership is free, however I cannot say that wont change in the future.